As Unique Style Dusk Falls Can Be A Blessing Or A Curse

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Unlike other games featured on the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this year, As Dusk Falls made waves by breaking from game design norms. From Interior/Night, a team led by former Quantic Dream designer Caroline Marchal, As Dusk Falls seems to embrace the idea of ​​experimentation and dress up in style.

After the visual novel trend that continues to evolve on the gaming stage, As Dusk Falls follows the story of several characters who all find their lives irreversibly intertwined with one another. While the game has many important features, one of the biggest and most obvious design choices is the art style, and it got a mixed reception from gamers with many asking about the Xbox Showcase.


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As the Unique Quality of Dusk Falls

The premise of the game is simpler than similar visual novels or interactive narratives on the market, because As Dusk Falls attempts for gritty realism rather than fantastic elements. Set in Arizona in the 1990s, the two families collide over a hostage situation, paving the way for a depth of moral challenge to fuel the narrative. A game like this that offers a difficult moral choice, not all new, but one As Dusk Falls’ the most ambitious feature is the 8-player co-op function, allowing several friends to come together for a ride and share a journey together. Given his previous relationship with Quantic Dream, the creator of such a famous adventure game Detroit: Be HumanIt’s unsurprising that Interior / Night will seek to somehow push the envelope of the medium beyond its competition.

However, as promising as this may seem, this aspect is being forgotten by the audience because As Dusk Falls“an unusual design choice. The game doesn’t feature character animation, but uses still images to give the illusion of movement. Strangely, other game elements don’t seem to follow this, as the trailer depicts a car running normally, showing a limited animation style for the characters.This is a radical change, as other visual novels don’t detract from their design, but there may be a good reason for Interior / Night to make this decision.

The Reason Behind It Is The Design Of Dusk Falls

Although it is better to assume that Interior / Night has made a design choice for aesthetic reasons, then it may be related. As Dusk Falls‘ambitious 8-player co-op scope. If the game lives up to the promise of a difficult ethical journey for all players involved, then it stands to reason that every decision made by a player leads to an entirely unique course of events and outcomes. With an ambitious workload, it may be that reducing animation design helps reduce the tension that will be left to staff. In addition, by implementing design choices rather than trying to hide it, the studio can focus itself on delivering other goals such as a deep narrative at its core.

Sadly, if the narrative itself doesn’t pay off, this will ultimately ruin the design choices to limit the characters. Physical movement is a great means of expressing emotions and personality, even if the characters don’t speak, so Interior / Night takes a big risk here. Players have expressed some concerns about the design through social media and in the trailer, and if the game has had people worried that it won’t match player expectations, then the Interior / Night debut game could be at a disadvantage. That being said, if the Quantic Dream game previously set the standard for Interior / Night, then there is hope As Dusk Falls still be successful, provided it follows through and hits each beat it sets for itself.

As Dusk Falls is set to be released on July 19 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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