Who is this mysterious couple? The photographer accidentally took the proposal in the Grand Canyon

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  • The photographer accidentally captures the proposal of a mysterious couple in the Grand Canyon.
  • Dan Chatfield was traveling in the Grand Canyon when he saw the couple in the distance.
  • He turned to Reddit to try to track down the mysterious couple.

A doctor touring a historic site with his wife and friends spotted the couple and just thought it would make for a good focal point, not knowing which photography would get such a massive reaction online.

Dan Chatfield, 31, and his wife Sarah Penturn, are traveling in the Grand Canyon with friends during a break that benefits from pandemic stress in their profession.

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Daniel Chatfield was accidentally caught when there was a couple in the Grand Canyon.

Dan is also an avid photographer, who always finds joy in taking good photos, which can be done while traveling.

“I find that I’m very passionate about photography. I’m not a good artist in the traditional sense, I like the theory of taking good photos and implementing them. On travel, that passion is rekindled. We were traveling on the south side of the Grand Canyon with some. friends who live in the country, ”Dan explains.

“I spotted a couple right on the straight edge. I thought it would either be a cool focal point or maybe just not there. I lined up the camera and took a few shots. I did this again for the process. I found that only one of my photos. proposed to this couple! “

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Unknown to Daniel Chatfield, this is the moment he will capture the magical moments of the engaged couple.

His friend Dan suggested posting the photo on Reddit to see if he could find the mysterious couple.

“The next morning I woke up to 5 million photo views and over a thousand comments. It really took off. I took pictures that were beautiful and it’s very validating to hear other people feel the same, it’s really what you want. From your photography,” Dan said.

The simple picture has become an internet sensation and everyone is still trying to figure out who the mystery couple is proposing in the Grand Canyon?

Many say that a great shot would be the best wedding gift.

“If someone came to me with a photo of our proposal, I would be the sweetest. We have a lot of chances that it will then be deadlocked. Until now, we still don’t have confirmation from anyone. Hopefully we can find them,” he said. Dan.

“I’d love to give her this gift. If she sees this, I’m happy that she can directly contact me on Instagram, and I wish everyone happiness for the wedding!”

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