The father of the bride refused to pay for the wedding after his religious father -in -law did not invite his wife

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The father shared on Reddit that he refused to pay for his daughter’s wedding after he didn’t invite his partner, saying it would make his religious and conservative in -laws uncomfortable.

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The bride’s father talks about the bride’s wedding on stage. She began the post by telling readers that her daughter is 21 years old and will be getting married in June.

“Since childhood, I have promised to pay for the wedding, but something happened two days ago that made my mind change.

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The father continued to share details about his relationship with the daughter’s mother, saying they married at 18, but divorced after six years.

“We had a very good divorce and split custody; my son would have been my father’s daughter and would have been in a relationship with my 14 -year -old partner,” he said.

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In the days before the wedding, her daughter showed some things she wanted for the big day, and one of them was that her father’s wife was not allowed to attend the event due to her religious and conservative marathon.

His father agrees because today is a big day. The bride added that her father’s two -year -old son was also unable to attend because no children were allowed at the wedding.

Her last request threw her away. “I can’t talk about my‘ lifestyle ’because he doesn’t want to make my in -laws uncomfortable,” he wrote.

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He then refused to pay for the wedding. “I said that his son -in -law is very important, he has to pay for the whole wedding.

“He was angry with me, called me a kid and said if I continued with this attitude, he would ask his father -in -law to walk down the hall.”

The father made it clear that he would not pay for the wedding if his family was not invited.

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Reddit users quickly jumped on the comments section to support her, writing: “She’s trying to please her in-laws, and has to pay. Don’t bring a couple to a wedding because you’re the wrong sex, and I wouldn’t consider going.”

Others suggest that the daughter exhibits homophobic behavior. “He chose to be homophobic over his family. It’s unacceptable to choose bigotry over anything.”

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Source: Reddit

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