Prince Charles ’first day as king was opened by a British constitutional expert

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Prince Charles’s first day as king was revealed by British constitutional experts

Prince Charles, heir to the British throne as the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, has resumed royal duties weeks after the 96 -year Jubilee celebrations.

Charles ’first day as King has been defined by constitutional experts in interviews with media outlets.

Dr Robert Morris, who has 40 years of experience in constitutional issues, discussed the event that would happen a day after the king’s death as hundreds of privy advisers, including the Prime Minister, met at the Access Council at St James ’Palace to announce King Charles as the new Ruler.

Speaking to, Morris said: “Within 24 hours, there was a special meeting of Privy Council members supplemented with a variety of others.

“Including, for example, representatives from the City is traditional. The Lord Mayor will be there and all members of the Privy Council.

“Now there are only over 700, which is more than there were in 1952 when King George VI died, and his daughter. [the Queen] of course then in Kenya.

“So, there will be a variety of management issues on how to deal with all the numbers that also include high commissioners of nature-namely the Commonwealth states of which the Queen is also the head of state, as well as the head of state. Of the Commonwealth.

“And what this Board of Access did, was not to make Charles King, but to declare that he had become king.”

He added: “There were a lot of announcements and there were events in all the provincial capitals so that the proclamation was proclaimed and so on.”

Dr Morris went on to explain how other parts of the Access Board would then happen, including only Charles and his Privy Counsel: “He [Charles] do two main things. He made a private declaration, which was a private matter.

“It has three main elements really. One, great regret of course from passing his mother and mention no doubt of her value and success.

“Second, he said that he would definitely look at the Constitution and do his best to uphold it.”

“And thirdly, he’s going to say that there’s a heavy burden, which is absolutely true.”

Details of the government’s plans after the Queen’s death leaked to Politico in September. Codenamed Operation London Bridge, the document explains how Charles will succeed his mother to the throne.

The queen was previously urged by some royal commentators to usurp the throne for Prince Charles. Some were hoping that the 96-year-old could make an announcement about this on her Jubilee.

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