Michael B. Jordan Just Takes Notes From Ex Lori Harvey When It Comes To Social Media Protocol After Breaking Up

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The Michael B. Jordan-Lori Harvey breakup is still making waves weeks after the news broke. While Jordan looks confused because recently during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Harvey didn’t waste any time eliminating Black Panther actor from her social media. On the other hand, the model’s footprint is still on social media after the breakup became public. Now look at it Without Regret the star has taken notes from Ex when it comes to post-separation social media protocols.

Per report by Page Six, at Creed The actor eventually cleared Instagram of the businessman’s footsteps. The development comes just two weeks after the ex -boyfriend deleted a photo of a better time in the ex -partner’s relationship. If you look at his Instagram feed, Jordan has nothing but pictures of himself or other stars, including the cover of the magazine. Her page looks similar to Harvey’s with a feed dedicated to photos that only showcase herself. Of course, compared to the former, the History star pages have fewer images because they rarely post on those platforms.

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