Manufacturers of mild years are not surprised by the ban in the area of ​​’confidence retreat’

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Scenes in Lightyear.

Scenes in Lightyear.

Screengrab: YouTube/Pixar

  • Disney-Pixar’s new blockbuster producer about Buzz Lightyear has said he was warned about the reaction it would have against same-sex marriages, but didn’t care.
  • More than a dozen Muslim -majority countries are reluctant to share Light yearsin opposition to marriage between two female side characters.
  • Director Angus MacLane said there was no attempt to alter the film so that it could be censored.

The producers of Disney-Pixar’s new blockbuster about Buzz Lightyear told AFP that they warned of the possibility of a backlash against same-sex marriage is a feature, but it doesn’t matter.

More than a dozen Muslim -majority countries are reluctant to share Light years -a sci-fi spin-off from a Pixar classic Toy storyset for a global release on Friday – in opposition to marriage between the two female side characters.

“We have been warned that this will be the result,” producer Galyn Susman told AFP in a Zoom interview.

“We’re not going to change the film we want to make just because some countries – because they don’t have better terms – have lost confidence,” he said.

Although many reports have focused on the supposed “lesbian kiss” in the film, the scene in question is actually more of a short peck between two long married characters who have children.

Director Angus MacLane said there was no attempt to alter the film so that it could be censored.

“We made a movie and they didn’t want to watch it, so it was very good,” he told AFP.

Susman said the debate was bizarre because there was no concern about films of children whose mothers died, for example Bambi.

“Personally … I don’t want my children, when they are young, to watch movies that kill their mothers,” he said. “We all have different ideas about what makes a movie acceptable for family viewing.”


The debate is an unwelcome distraction from the film itself – which is shown as a film that produced the original Buzz Lightyear toy. Toy story.

Set for centuries in the future, he follows a proud captain as he struggles to save his crew from an unscrupulous alien planet.

Rather than a debate about LGBT characters, what is more fun for kids is their beloved and well-equipped robot cat, the Sox.

MacLane says he wants to avoid the cliché of a funny and wise sidekick.

“It’s really easy to have a naughty character who laughs at danger and always has punchlines. Like that it can be funny but we’ve seen a lot of it. There’s something interesting about making a comedy out of clarity and empathy,” he said.

The film is more of a direct action-thriller than Pixar usually makes, but it still does a familiar meditation on the emotional challenges of life.

“(Buzz) mistakenly believes that he can solve the problem and that he has a commitment to prove himself right, so he isolates himself from everyone he knows and eventually has to learn to work in a team and know that he doesn’t have all the answers and it’s okay. ”MacLane said.

Reviews have been mixed, with some critics praising the action and the underlying theme, while others have called it a rare miss by Pixar.

“Despite the poor plot … the powerful sound performances and stunning visuals – and, of course, the Sox the cat – make Light years a solid space adventure, ”wrote Empire magazine.

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