KK Muvhango, Mulalo Is Still Surprised After Being Fired Without Notice

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KK Muvhango, Mulalo Is Still Surprised After Being Fired From The Event Without Prior Notice

KK Muvhango, Mulalo Is Still Surprised After Being Fired From The Event Without Prior Notice
Macdonald Ndou (KK) and Syndey Ramakuwela (Mulalo) were reportedly fired from Muvhango [Photos: Instagram]

Muvhango actors KK and Mulalo were reportedly shocked after the two were allegedly fired from the SABC 2 soap opera which has been without news even though it has been several years.

The two actors, MacDonald Ndou, who plays KK and Sydney Ramakuwela, who plays Mulalo Mukwevho, were reportedly given no reason to boot from the show.

Sources close to the development told the Daily Sun online publication,

“The cast members are surprised to know that the two will not be returning to the show. This is because even though we don’t know what happened, some actors like Mukondeleli (Elsie Rasalanavho) were given contracts that will last half a new season. But obviously, the problem is big because they are did not get the opportunity.

Another source said that producer Muvhango didn’t even bother to tell the KK and Mulalo actors about ending the contract earlier. They both learn the news from other cast members.

“The contract expired last year, and he heard he would not be renewing from the cast members. The writer opened three months before the actor, so he knew everything but remained unmoved,” the source said.

“No one knows what he did. The players and crew kept asking him what he did wrong and even advised him to apologize to the production team. But he didn’t do it because he said he didn’t do anything wrong.

Ramakuwela, who has played the character of Mulalo for more than 15 years, is said to be unhappy with his exit from the show.

“The contract was renewed today, he (Sidney Ramakuwela) received an email saying that he moved from global to a phone contract. He didn’t give a sign because he knew he didn’t want him anymore. He was angry because he had left his home in Limpopo to move to Gauteng to show.He felt unfair and at least could not have been warned several months before.

He declined to comment on the issue when receiving comments. However, MacDonald Ndou was more optimistic and chose to be more philosophical about getting out of the show.

“He called me and said that the story was taking a different direction. It wasn’t weird. For me, the opportunity was good, and I gave it my best. I was happy with the character that I worked with for so many years,” he said.

Mulalo and KK quit Muvhango after popular actress Elsie Rasalanavho who played the character Vho-Mukondeleni also quit the soap opera after 25 years.

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