Jub Jub’s mother and father fought

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Uyajola 9/9 presenter Jub Jub’s high flying parents down each other’s throats about the division of estate joints and spousal maintenance.

The real name of the award -winning rapper is Molemo Maarohanye. Sydney Maarohanye, has filed a paper in the Pretoria High Court where she seeks an order to examine and quash the order of Pretoria District Court judge PW Engelbrecht, who saw her lose part of her Joburg home to her controversial ex -husband Jacquiline. “Mama Jackie” Maarohanye.

The order also instructed the artist’s father to pay his mother R6 500 for the couple’s monthly maintenance and 50% of the pension fund.

The parents of hitmaker Ndikhokhele, who married in a property community in Joburg on April 12, 1980, divorced on January 28, 2016, after 36 years of marriage.

In the court papers, which I have seen, Jub Jub’s father said after the separation, Mama Jackie filed for divorce in the Pretoria High Court but the matter was transferred to the Pretoria District Court on request. Speaking at the end of the divorce process, Engelbrecht ordered him to dispose of part of his family home in Naturena, south of Joburg, to Mama Jackie and also pay R6 500 per month for the couple’s maintenance for 60 months.

Maarohanye said Engelbrecht was ordered to pay 50% of the pension fund to Mama Jackie. Orders to remove parts of the property are completely irregular and need to be reviewed and set aside, he said.

“There were serious violations that occurred in the main process. The court order, specifically the way the division of communal property was directed, had no rules.

There is unacceptable or incompetent evidence, ”the paper read.

She said that Mama Jackie did not produce a statement or credible evidence to support her claim for maintenance of her husband. Maarohanye said that Englebrecht did not apply his thoughts correctly before reaching the conclusion because he only received unproven documents as proof of Mama Jackie’s monthly living expenses.

He also said that during the process, Mama Jackie had modified and deleted her claim in order to remove part of the property in the details of the claim.

She said she replaced it with filings and charges to prove that her actions were contrary to the law governing marriage.

Maarohanye said Engelbrecht erred and misdirected herself when she also received evidence minutes before the trial, which ended between her and Mama Jackie.

He said that when Engelbrecht went to trial, he immediately stated that he would appeal.

She said she was surprised when she received the letter recently, stating that she was in arrears because she had never taken care of her husband.

The case was supposed to have been heard on April 12 but was postponed to a date to be determined because the sheriff only gave a call last month.

Mama Jackie recently made headlines after she launched a defamation case against media figures Amanda du-Pont and Masechaba Khumalo after she claimed Jub Jub had been raped.

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