‘I didn’t accidentally mention my ex’s name when my sex and partner didn’t say it anymore’

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Photo illustration by Getty Images

Photo illustration by Getty Images

  • Jane Sibanda* said that she mispronounced her ex -boyfriend’s name during sex.
  • He explains that this is the biggest mistake he has ever made.
  • He hasn’t heard from his partner since he made that mistake.

Relationships can be broken due to a number of factors such as cheating, or lack of communication. But your partner is calling out your ex’s name when you’re having sex on a new level.

W24 reader Jane Sibanda * points out that she accidentally mentioned her ex -boyfriend’s name when having sex with her boyfriend, and this is the biggest mistake she has ever made.

Jane said she and her boyfriend had been together for three years, and she had broken up with her ex -boyfriend two years before that.

“In 2019, I met the most amazing man. I had the best time of my life with him and our sex life was amazing,” she shared.

“Everything went smoothly until five months ago. We went out for dinner, and when we came back, we started making out and having sex. But I didn’t accidentally mention my ex -boyfriend’s name when we were having sex. I didn’t know what was coming. I felt like I was drunk. “I’m not in love with my ex anymore. It’s wrong.”

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Jane explains that her boyfriend immediately got up, put on his clothes, and fell asleep in a chair. But he was not there in the morning when he woke up.

“She sent me a long text message saying she couldn’t date me anymore because I obviously was still in love with my ex -boyfriend. She kept saying that I had to sort out the problem with my ex -boyfriend, and I didn’t know. I heard from her since,” she shared.

The woman is still trying to apologize because “no one deserves to be respected like that” and she said she still regrets it even if it was a mistake.

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On a similar note, another woman on Quora asked: My boyfriend called me by my former name, not just once or twice; it’s happened about 5 times, even when we’re making love. Should I confront him about this?

Regina Teller replied:

“You saget confront people to get answers, but this is not going to be too easy to explain. He can try to lie in his best way if confronted or in fact trying to avoid the matter. The man was smitted by his ex and whoever the woman was had left him under her spell. It’s like he’s using you to try to deal with him, but deep down, he doesn’t consider you as good as he is. Don’t be passive or settled, move forward. It’s going to be toxic to you, that’s all you’re going to think about. “

Colleen Holbrook says:

“Yes, you have to confront her. And if there’s a reason you decide to give her another chance, tell her it’s going to be the last time. If she does it again, practice the ancient way of attracting boyfriends called ‘coitus interruptus.’ Kill the process. “Don’t get it done. And kick the idiot. Because no matter how good his reason is five times after you give him an ultimatum, you’ll know that he did it on purpose. Why, I don’t know. But it can’t be that good.”

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Kristin Barton says:

“I would definitely say, yes. Because if he thinks you’re your ex and you think he’s your boyfriend, there’s a communication problem going on there.”

What would you do in a situation like that? Tell us here.

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