Doc Cries Foul: Explains How SSBs & Banks Breastfeed Civil Servants

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Doc Cries Foul: Explains How SSBs & Banks Breastfeed Civil Servants

A disgruntled Zimbabwean doctor has revealed how his bank is repaying an unpaid debt. To add insult to injury, the doctor only found out about the debt after he resigned from the Government.


Dr Rachel Mbanje known as Dr Rae for her Twitter followers told how NMB Bank Limited, formerly known as National Merchant Bank of Zimbabwe Limited withdrew money from her account to pay off debts not received from them.

In a Twitter thread, Dr Mbanje said that he decided to apply for a salary -based loan from NMB Bank Limited which is a Salary Services Bureau (SSB) sign. For a bank to be able to provide a salary -based loan, it must have an agreement with SSB for a portion of the civil servant’s salary that will be received when it is transferred to the account. Civil servants must sign what is called a stop order in order for this arrangement to take effect.

In June 2021, Dr Mbanje said that he applied for a loan of up to ZWL150 000 using NMB Bank’s mobile app and received a message that the account would be immediately credited to the account. But he said he never confirmed the loan and also did not receive the money. Writing on Twitter, Dr Mbanje said:

Regardless of this, Dr Rae said ZWL7306 which at the time was US $ 60 had been deducted from his monthly salary. He said he often wondered why his salary was lower than his peers but did not approach the bank or SSB.

He said that it was only when he resigned from the government and stopped being a civil servant, that it was revealed that his salary was lower than that of his peers. Surprisingly, NMB Bank Limited called him on June 3 this year to advise him that he still had to repay the loan as an individual now that he had left the Government and was not repaid through SSB. He writes:

Dr. Rae said the Customer Service Agent who called her from NMB Bank said the loan had been approved but not credited to her account. When a frustrated Dr Mbanje asked him why NMB Bank Limited continued to deduct money from his salary, the Customer Service Agent said that the bank would reimburse him. He writes:

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