‘You don’t need funding and connections to start a business’, the six-figure atchar startup proves

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  • Musi Atchar is a small atchar business started by Modikwe Musi in Pretoria during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • It started as a challenge to prove that not everyone needs funding and connections to start a business.
  • Although his business started at the home of Musi’s parents with no money, the 24 -year -old entrepreneur was able to create a six -figure business in just one year.
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Musi Atchar, an atchar business started by Modikwe Musi, was launched in 2020 during a pandemic as an Instagram challenge. Today Musi supplies spicy products almost all over South Africa and runs a six -figure small business.

The challenge was to prove that he could start a small business without funding and connections, and Musi took him to be a guinea pig.

“During Lockdown Level 5, entering Level 4, I met a living entrepreneur. [on Instagram], gives business tips. I participated live [insta] because I have something to share.

Musi Atchar (Available)

Musi Atchar (Available)

“He liked me and thought that we would start a movement where we live every night and just talk about business and encourage people to do their best in the midst of chaos,” South Africa’s Business Insider told us.

Through the platform, the team then started a charitable organization and was able to raise R1 million by soliciting donations.

According to Musi, in one of the live sessions, someone said “in the land we live in, without connections and funding, you won’t get business.”

Musi Atchar (Available)

Musi Atchar (Available)

And, to prove that this is not true, Musi was challenged to start the business from the ground up without any funding or connections.

“I went back to the drawing board, trying to think of all the ideas that could have been started without money, and no one came to mind.

“I was with my parents. I walked into the house, and I saw my mom making atchar. I thought myself this atchar was delicious and I liked it. Maybe there’s someone else out there who might like it,” she said.

Musi, who was 22 years old at the time, used his expertise in e-commerce to build his own site and marketing campaigns to get atchar to customers.

“Because we still don’t have the funds, we get a plastic bottle at home, wrap the atchar in the bottle and sell it first, then sell it twice.

“The journey was a bit harder than it had to be, but the tips I’m looking for now, are the ones that guided me and helped me succeed,” Musi said.

Musi Atchar (Available)

Musi Atchar (Available)

The businessman who is also a luxury car dealer got some people to post the product on his Instagram story because he didn’t have enough money to pay for his Instagram post. He actually sells a bottle of atchar that costs R99 per liter, for an Instagram story post. It began to spread like wildfire.

“I got the atchar subscription service because I have a lot of repeat customers. I see that sometimes customers forget to make monthly orders, so I approached them and said that I can debit you every month to buy you wins. No need to sign up again. the site or enter your details for the order, ”he said.

Through its subscription service, entrepreneurs have customers who have subscribed to between five to 10 bottles per month in various regions of South Africa. The products come in a variety of flavors, ranging from Normal, Mild Musi, and Musi Fire.

In addition to his mother, the 24 -year -old entrepreneur also has other employees and between December 2020 to July 2021, the business generated six -figure profits.

“One of the best things I like is that if you put your customers first and always give, they will want to support you at all costs,” he said.

After leaving Wits University to focus on his first business, which failed, Musi knew there was something out there for him. She encourages other young people to believe in these ideas.

“Don’t be afraid to start small but always think big. Many entrepreneurs feel they can’t start a business without funding, they need the best office and the best machine to start.

“We started extremely small but always knew what the big picture was. If we hadn’t started small, we wouldn’t be here today,” he said.

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