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Reports show that my bosses are increasingly asking employees to return to the office permanently, back to the work environment before the pandemic. The problem is many don’t want to go back to that capacity and prefer a hybrid model over a working life.

In an interview with Cape Talk, Advaita Naidoo, MD, Africa at Jack Hammer Global, an executive search firm, said that most large companies in South Africa give an ultimatum to return to the office: return to the office or face a job loss.

“We’ve seen a lot with some of the larger companies in South Africa, just because that’s the news, it affects a lot of people. But, with anecdotes, I can show that we hear from people in small to mid-sized companies, leaders. businesses approach us, ask what options are available at this stage, try to check the temperature in the market, ”Naidoo said.

The ultimatum to return to work became more common than anticipated as the state successfully regulated work from home within two years, Naidoo said. The hire expert said the ultimatum was surprising, therefore.

Naidoo said employers who ask employees to return to the office are less about returning to work, but more about the company’s culture and employee value propositions. He said that there is nothing wrong with going back to the office, the workers just want to know why.

Have employees been consulted? Suddenly with little news, employees were called to the office, Naidoo said. He says that this talks about how back to the office is more about managerial style than productivity.

Despite the ultimatum, Naidoo said that South Africans are grateful to have jobs and because of the fragile socio-economic situation, we will not see a major setback in many countries abroad.

changes in the workplace

Linda Trim, director at workplace design specialist firm Giant Leap, says that more people are leaving the office environment to work from home because they struggle to concentrate. He says the way people work has changed significantly, with video meetings becoming the new norm and people wanting more privacy.

“Society needs to give workers a reason to go back to office. They want more,” Trim said.

“A lot of companies know that they can’t keep people in -house, but they’re struggling to fix or create alternative solutions that will not only encourage returns, but also promote better work dynamics among themselves.”

A recent study conducted by the consultant found that when asked what they preferred, be privacy in the office or remote work, 55% of employees said they would work from home two days or less per week if they had a desk assigned to the office. .

Research conducted by Steelcase, represented by Giant Leap, shows that the most important factor for people in office today, compared to pre-pandemic, is privacy. More and more employees want space for hybrid collaboration, a single -person enclave, privacy, workstations with full or partial fences and protected work areas.

The trend of more people wanting to stay working from home is not unique in South Africa. As reported by Bloomberg, similar findings provided by the Institute of Policy at King’s College London show that people enjoy and value working from home and don’t see a future that includes returning to the traditional five -day work week.

The company that hires CareerJunction says that in an ever -evolving job landscape, one thing remains – retaining employees can be difficult to achieve. In South Africa, on average, candidates stay for about two years 10 months in the same occupation before moving.

“Employees who have been in the same job for more than three years are considered above average when it comes to job tenure.”

The group The Employment Insights report for May provides some indications of the changes I am making to the office. This reflects increased recruitment activity over the past three months for office -related positions. CareerJunction said the biggest increase – 23% – in hiring activity for admin, office and support-related project.

Jobs in this sector include:

  • Administrative Officer
  • Client / Customer Support
  • Receptionist / Switchboard
  • Human Resources

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