The best password manager is to avoid being hacked

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When it comes to free password managers, Bitwarden and NordPass offer users the most functionality with the least compromise, MyBroadband analysis shows.

Reusing the same password on more than one online service is dangerous because of the prevalence of data leaks. If your password is compromised in one place, an attacker could use it to breach your entire account.

Spycloud security company 2022 Identity Exhibition Report shows that 70% of users seen in 2021 breach data using re -compromised passwords.

This, combined with estimates that the average online user has more than 100 passwords, means it is more important than ever to manage passwords effectively.

The password manager simplifies this by allowing users to store login details in a centrally encrypted digital safe.

Users only need to remember one master password to access the password collection.

While many of these third -party password managers require an annual subscription fee, some give consumers free access to features that are sufficient for daily use.

To compare this, we only consider a third -party password manager with a free level – a built -in password manager like Apple’s Keychain and Chrome’s password functionality are not included.

There are no popular options such as Keeper and 1Password – although they are worth mentioning.

We compare some of the most popular free third -party password managers: Bitwarden, Lastpass, Dashlane, and Nordpass.

Bitwarden is a great choice for users who want a free and open password manager with minimal compromise.

Unlike many other free levels of third-party password managers, Bitwarden doesn’t limit you to just one device or cover the number of passwords you can store.

The Bitwarden web dome includes features like a username and password generator, reporting username data violations, importing passwords from other applications, and filling out web forms.

The free version of the mobile app only allows users to create passwords and does not provide a data breach reporting feature.

LastPass previously offered users free access to the service on any supported platform but was limited to a single device on March 16, 2021.

The free LastPass plan allows a single user to store passwords without limit, but users must choose to sync their passwords on a computer or mobile device.

LastPass is also the first to launch a password -free authentication application which allows the user to not re -enter the master password when trying to access the safe.

The free NordPass plan allows passwords to be stored indefinitely but does not allow users to access the dome on multiple devices at once.

However, free users still get access to a random password generator via the desktop and web versions and the saved passwords are automatically synced on the device.

Although NordPass does not have integrated encrypted cloud storage, users can get 3 GB of free cloud storage through NordLocker.

Of the listed password managers, Dashlane is the most limited with free features.

Like LastPass, Dashlane’s free rate limits users to a single device. It also limits you to a maximum of 50 passwords.

However, Dashlane’s free plan allows users to check the security status of their passwords and allows them to share passwords for up to 5 accounts.

The table below compares Bitwarden, Lastpass, Nordpass, and Dashlane free plans.

Features Bitwarden LastPass NordPass Dashlane
Password storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 50
Import a password
Login two -factor authentication
Automatically fill out web forms
Share your password 2 users one by one X up to 5 users
password generator
Cross-device support 1 device 1 device
Report data breaches X X X
Check my health X X X
Export passwords
Cloud storage X X X X

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